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hi my name is zane and this is my blog
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>two thousand and fourteen the year of the year after luigi >facebook

when you’re part of a “”“”“community”“”“” and it’s your main timesink it’s hard to leave

Apr 17 2014

I’m not shitposting. It’s just a metaphor.

Apr 17 2014

what if it’s ironic shitposting


Apr 17 2014

things facebook has officially ruined for me by shitposting or just generally acting like faggots about

  • evangelion
  • kill la kill
  • death grips
  • all emo
  • vaporwave
  • lolicore

tryna think of more

Apr 17 2014


[knocks on door] hi, i would like to talk to you about my personal lord and savior, kaworu nagisa

Apr 16 2014